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Managing Your Federal Agreement

Blanket Purchase Agreements

  • Contractual Government Agreement
  • Vendor performs only authorized services
  • No verbal authorizations‐ services may only begin upon receipt of program plan
  • One year award with the option to renew 2 additional years
  • All services remain in effect until receipt of “amended” or “terminated” program plan
  • Option years: Chief Probation Officer has the final authority on whether or not to exercise option
  • Notice of Intent to Renew letter will be mailed out at least 60 days prior to end of fiscal year (on or about July 31)
  • Vendor must have current and satisfactory monitoring report
  • New purchase orders with bid prices will be mailed around October 1


Piggybacking is only allowed for BPAs
• Used to eliminate agencies from going through a competitive process when there is already existing services
• Examples‐ Please refer to Referral Agent List attached to Delivery Order

Statement of Work / Section C

Section C sets forth the requirements of the services in the resultant Agreement. For each Project Code, there is a description how the vendor will provide the services requested.
• Section C contains only approved services (e.g., project codes)
• Changes to the Statement of Work can only be made with the written approval of OPPS through local needs
• The terms and conditions in Section C bind the vendor (By signing “Attachment A OFFEROR’S CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE STATEMENT”)
• Section C is approved by OPPS, PMD and OGC

Project Codes

• Please review awards and delivery orders
• Know Your Local Needs – Alternative hours, Spanish Speaking, U/A
• Share with Staff & Billing Department

Referral Process

• Required documents from Probation/Pretrial:
• Form 45‐ MUST ALWAYS BE SIGNED BY A REFERRAL AGENT (other signatures are best practice‐ But should be there!)
   – Amended Form 45s must be obtained prior to starting new treatment
• Release of Authorization (11B, 11I, 11E, PS6B, PS6D)
• Referral Letter‐ Content depends on local Court rules

Required Documents from Vendor

• Separate Sign in and Out Log! {Client AND Vendor initial time in and out}
• Monthly Treatment Report
• Section 10:
  a. Describe the treatment goals addressed this month ( Met Not Met)
  b. Describe any steps taken by the client this month toward these goals ( Positive Negative)
  c. Describe any obstacles or setbacks the client encountered this month
  d. Describe one unique way the PO/PSO can assist/support the client in treatment over the next month
  e. If continued treatment is recommended, discuss the plan for next month ( Recommended Not Recommended)
  f. Discuss your observations of the client’s behavior and commitment to treatment ( Positive Negative)
  g. Comments
  h. Overall Progress: Acceptable Unacceptable

More Required Documents

• Urinalysis Testing Log
• Reports‐ SA/MH Intake, Psychiatric, Sex Offender Specific…
 – Typed
 – Includes at least one diagnostic interview and a written report within 15 Calendar days to USPO
• Addresses client’s substance abuse as it relates to supervision
Includes identifying background information, medical history, mental status, treatment diagnosis, and prognosis
• Treatment Plans. Ensure that treatment plans are present and include:
    (a) short and longterm goals for the client(s)
    (b) measurable objectives
    (c) type and frequency of services to be received
    (d) specific criteria for treatment completion and the anticipated time‐frame
    (e) documentation of treatment plan review (including client's input), and continued need for treatment, if necessary (at least every 90 days). The plan should include information on family and significant others involvement (i.e., community support programs, etc.).


A. Staff Requirements and Restrictions
– Attachment C, OFFEROR’S STAFF QUALIFICATIONS‐Update when Staff change throughout the BPA agreement (See Forms Section)
– Subcontracting
– Facility requirements
– Handicap accessible, comply with all applicable state, federal or local laws and regulations
– First‐aid kit, emergency contacts
– Testimony (See FAQ section)
• Typed discharge summary within 15 days of termination
• Immediately or within 24 hour notification if:
– client fails to report for treatment
– conduct violating a condition of supervision occurs
– attempt to adulterate a urine specimen/stalls
– third‐party risk issues are identified

Failure to follow staff direction

If the assigned USPO/USPSO is not available, the counselor shall notify a supervisor or the duty officer.


File Maintenance
Maintain a Secure Filing System‐Segregate Federal Files
• Separate Probation & Pretrial Files
• Electronic File Systems need to be Accessible during Monitoring Visits
• File Content includes: Program Plan, Amended Plans, MTRs, Authorization to Release, Daily Travel Log, Sign‐In, Sign‐Out Daily Log, U/A Log, Case Staffing, Vendor Reports
• Chronological Notes‐ Record all Contacts‐personal, collateral and document absences & notification of same
• Needs to be LEGIBLE

Vendor’s Performance (Mandatory Requirement)

The vendor and/or subcontractor shall:
 (a) Maintain a physical facility that meets all applicable federal, state and local regulations (e.g., building codes).
 (b) Not endanger the health and safety of employees, clients and the community.
 (c) Provide physical facilities that preserve both the integrity of the confidential relationship and the personal dignity of the client.

(Please refer to FAQ section of website)
Notify the USPO/USPSO immediately upon receipt of legal process requiring disclosure of D/O records
Disclose in accordance with 42 C.F.R. Part 2.
Never re‐disclose criminal history - may result in termination of contract and imposition of civil penalties

Monitoring Visits

Conducted by Chief’s designee as well as by PPSO
Within 120 days of award (10/1/??) &
Prior to exercising option year
May be scheduled or unscheduled


• Due the 10th of the month for the preceding month
• Submit Separate Invoices for Probation & Pretrial
• Please review whether cost is per unit/per diem/per day…
– Telephone calls to PO and O/D are factored into cost of unit price
– The vendor shall include the cost of written reports and conferences with the USPO/USPSO in the prices for client services unless the Program Plan authorizes them as part of a specific service (e.g., Intake Assessment and Report (2011), Psychological Evaluation and Report (5010)).
• Break down per unit:
• Assume that the rate of service is $10.00 per half hour.
• Time Spent (in minutes) Charge
  0 ‐ 15 $ 0.00
  16 ‐ 30 $10.00
  31 ‐ 45 $15.00
  46 ‐ 60 $20.00
• Does not include no‐shows
Sessions lasting less than 16 minutes shall be treated as a “no show” for the purposes of billing.

• Insurance & Co‐Pays:
– Vendor collects at time of session ‐ Must be documented on the MTR
• The vendor shall not accept reimbursement for services in an amount that exceeds the amount authorized in the contract/agreement with the Government.

• Case Staffing Conference
– Upon USPO referral of a supervisee to the vendor, the vendor shall:
(1) Participate in a 3‐way meeting with the supervision officer, supervisee, and vendor for an initial case staffing.
(2) Meet with the supervision officer face‐to‐face or via a telephone conference at least every 30 days to discuss the client’s progress in treatment.
(3) Consult and meet as requested by the supervision officer.

NOTE: The price of case staffing conferences and consultations are included in the prices in Section B.

Computer Generated Billing
• Option for billing to use a pre‐populated spreadsheet generated from our office

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